The aim is to assist young people aged 16 to 25 - who are in difficulties and without family support, to live independent and successful lives. South Tyneside Key Project is committed to making sure that all young people in need get the help and support they require, so that they can make the successful transition from youth to adulthood. In 2017 - the Key Project celebrates 25 years, look out for events celebrating this during the year.



Happy at home is a befriending service offering isolated and lonley local people a visit in their own homes, to provide social contacts and reduce isolation and feeling of loneliness. 'Lonely people' - could be neighbours, friends, members of a church, or members of the wider community who need support. They are mostly (but not always) elderly people.


The group regularly meet at St. Matthew's R.C. Church, York Avenue, Jarrow, the meetings are open to anyone who is interested in an active role or just wishes to know more about working with ex-offenders. The is made up of priests, ministers and lay people who wish to support ex-offenders to find respect, support and opportunities for social contact and companionship in their own communities which may then enable them to adjust to life outside the prison system.


The group have a Drop - In Centre which is ran by trained volunteers. This is open at Hebburn Independent Methodist Church on Victoria Road from 4pm - 6pm every Friday. 


For more information contact Michelle on: 0775 7444 299 or email: 


South Tyneside Asylum Seeking and Refugee Church Help - To provide relief for asylum seekers and refugees and their dependants, who are in conditions of hardship or distress. To preserve and protect the physical and mental heath of such people. To provide facilities for such people for education, recreation and other leisure time occupation with the object of improving their conditions of life and assisting their inclusion into the wider community particularly but not exclusively by the provision of a drop in centre.


The action station was founded in 1998 by members of the local Anglican, Methodist and Catholic churches - working with members of the community. It was recognised that there was a need for a multi - action centre where caring agencies run by volunteers and paid workers could work together to provide the means to inprove the quality of life on South Tyneside.